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Senior Journalist KM Srivastava's Historical Book On History of Bombay Talkies and Indian Cinema

The book Bombay Talkies - Pillar of Indian Cinema is about the contribution of Bombay Talkies to the entertainment world of the Indian film industry.

In an Interview, Senior Most Journalist carrying 54 years long career, Krishna Mohan Srivastava said:  “Among all the books written on the history of Indian Cinema, this is the most authentic and best book, which I have written on Indian Cinema. Anyone who wrote about Indian Cinema before never gathered any vital information on Indian Cinema, they only focused on gossip, controversies and romantic encounters of actors and actresses. Such books focused on after release information of the films at that time. What went behind the formation of several Legendary film companies was never written by anyone or known to any person until the launch of this book. In the book, people will get to know the new and important information on actors, singers and actresses of that time, whether the father of Indian Cinema Dada Saheb Phalke, Dada Saheb RG Torne, Dilip Kumar, Asha Bhosale, Lata Mangeshkar, Ashok Kumar, Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor, Himanshu Rai, Devika Rani, Mehmood, Madhubala, Leela Chitnis, P Jairaj, David and many more.”

The book Bombay Talkies - Pillar of Indian Cinema is about the contribution of Bombay Talkies to the entertainment world of the Indian film industry. Senior film journalist Krishna Mohan Srivastava has authored the last edition of Bombay Talkies - Pillar of Indian Cinema, which he wrote in 2018. His first of the book was published in the year of 1976 by legendary Actor Pran and the second edition in 1989. In the 52nd year of his journalism career, he wrote the 3rd edition of the book on Bombay Talkies in 2018 after the demand of million cinema lovers, The launch Ceremony of the book was headed by the grandson of the father of Indian Cinema Dada Saheb Phalke, Mr Chandra Shekhar Pusalkar Phalke.

History witnessed the success and fall of the pillar of Indian cinema and the disasters of broken fire in the Bombay talkies studio campus many times. Negatives, important documents along with props and properties of film-making got burned and became ashes. Multiple types of research were done on Indian Cinema and Bombay Talkies, numerous books were read on Bombay Talkies, only information on released films was obtained but no vital information could be gathered. Every book mentioned contradictory information on Bombay Talkies, only a few names were mentioned related to Bombay Talkies and its foundation. From the very ashes of history, the senior-most and respected film journalist K M Srivastava recollected the truths and facts of Bombay talkies. KM Srivastava’s career spanning fifty years, he has done a great service to the students of cinema by researching Bombay Talkies. KM Srivastava has disclosed nearly each and every aspect of Bombay talkies in his historical book Bombay talkies-the pillar of Indian cinema, that how a flop London-returned actor Himanshu Rai got to finance his films, how he met Rajnarayan Dube and how the actors and actresses of that time rose to glory. All the needful information was available in this book. The book is now the authentic prime source of inspiration, information and knowledge about Bombay talkies and that magnificent era. KM Srivastava’s work contains more authentic information than any other source available. KM Srivastava documented nearly everything in detail in his research book on Bombay talkies. He has interviewed most of the legends who were associated with Bombay talkies. He was the eye-witness of most of the events along with his fellow journalists. The intense and comprehensive research book Bombay talkies -the pillar of Indian cinema - 3rd Edition written by senior journalist K M Srivastava was released by Chandrashekhar Pusalkar Phalke, the grandson of the father of Indian cinema Dada Sahab Phalke on On 19 May 2018.

In his 54 years long career, senior Journalist KM Srivastava had worked for several magazines and newspapers. It was the third time that senior-most Journalist Of Indian Cinema, KM Srivastava wrote Bombay Talkies History in the book, Bombay Talkies pillar of Indian Cinema.

The book Bombay Talkies - Pillar of Indian Cinema was launched in the year of 2018, The guests and speakers of the event were senior editor of Madhuri Magazine, Sudeep, Rashtriya Sahara editor, senior journalist and narrator Harish Pathak, senior film actors Surendra Pal, Gajendra Chauhan and actress Asema Bhatt. The program was conducted by Devmani Pandey and incorporated by Amar Tripathi.










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